The Art of Not Staying in the Comfort of Your Own Home

06 November

The Art of Not Staying in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Being a tourist is something to take pride in.

There's something unique about being in a new place where you get to learn and see something that is unfamiliar to your everyday living.


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Some people try to find home away from home when traveling to different places. In a hotel, they look for a bed as comfortable as their own. In a restaurant, food that tastes like Momma's home-cooking. A familiar feeling, in an unfamiliar place.

Then why not just stay at home?

There is an art in not staying in your comfort zone, and that is the point of being a tourist. There is so much of this world to discover and it is such a blessing that we have such great tourism resources to give us the opportunity to.



Here in Grand Rapids we have the so many great qualities that make us the perfect destination to try something new. With many lodging options, restaurants, breweries, museums, and more, there is something new to explore on every corner.

There is such a wide range of activities to participate in, and that is what makes this city so exciting and different.

Sunny day? Travel to one of our great beaches on the beautiful Lake Michigan or take a hike on our wide variety of trails and parks. Cold and rainy? Take a gander at our spectacular museums and the exhibits they offer.

We are known for our brand Beer City USA with over 40 Breweries with no one beer like the other. A variety of food choices that make decisions difficult because they're all a must try! Creative murals are scattered throughout the entire city, unlike home where the only murals you'll see are your child's finger painting creations on the fridge.

Being a tourist, especially in our city, is freedom to expand your knowledge on pure art and talent that this world produces. New experiences allow us to step away from a conventional and repetitive lifestyle and allow us to add a splash of color into our lives.

Go on an adventure.

You deserve it.

Discover the art of not staying in the comfort of your own home.