Take a Journey with Us

01 April

Take a Journey with Us

bed-bedroom-color-212269We invite you to take a journey with us -


The alarm rings - let's go do things

It's time for the big trip - this is one we can not skip

The first "stay-cation".


Downtown Grand Rapids - let's see what happens

From art stops to small shops,

Restaurants, breweries and new opportunities.


Out the door - let's go explore!

Museums, kayaking, paddle board,

Outdoor activities we can afford.


Arriving at the Holiday Inn with a grin

To the pool we dash - jumping in we make a splash 

Swimming until our hands prune - we must eat dinner soon.


Pearl Street Grill is open late - it has to be half past eight

To the lounge we have some fun - we arrive to our room after one

Within the zero gravity beds we doze - relaxing from head to toes.


Do not choke - we hope you caught our joke.

 We hope you come stay - Happy April Fools Day!

-The Holiday Inn Team

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